The junior members will enjoy many benefits which include but not limited to;

  • Discounted Green Fees: A JGF member pays Ksh. 120 in any golf club affiliated to the Kenya Golf Union.

  • Competitions: JGF members have access to age based junior competitions countrywide.

  • International Events: Elite junior golfers gets an opportunity to represent the country in international events.

  • Discounted Entry Fee: A JGF member pays a discounted rate of entry fees to enter into Junior tournaments.

  • Training: Through our training the trainer program, members now have many options for training by qualified teachers. 

  • Handicapping: JGF members who are not affiliated to any club can get a Handicap thru JGF

So, if you’re considering joining a golf club for the first time, or changing golf clubs/joining another, why not give us a try – we will try to ensure that you enjoy your formative years playing this great sport.

Visit our registration page to complete and submit an on-line junior membership Application Form